Car Dealer Websites

Get Started With An Automotive Website

Auto dealers are just beginning to recognize the value of a well-developed website. Above and beyond the stylish design and basic user functionality, today’s car dealer websites must also be search engine friendly to take full advantage of free organic search results.

Gone are the days when prospective buyers looked up dealerships in the phonebook. Now, users type the make and model into a search box and Bingo – a list of dealerships from which to choose. Problem is, if your website doesn’t rank high enough, you’re probably not going to be “in play” for the sale.

Don’t keep allowing prospective buyers to get away.

Assuming your site ranks well, does your listing grab the user’s attention? If not, your marketing efforts may have been in vain. Getting close does not sell cars and trucks. At Car Dealer SEM, we don’t just promise to get your website ranked and then leave you hanging.

We have the experience and in-house expertise to attract and drive quality web traffic to your automotive dealership around the clock.

Regardless of the time of day or night, when a user reaches your website, they land on a webpage that contains the verbal and visual information they were seeking. By ensuring the most novice prospect clearly understands what to do next, you can avoid having a potential buyer walk off your dealership’s online car lot.