Automotive SEO

Get Found with SEO

Automotive SEO is a big investment and redistributing your advertising dollars to Internet marketing is serious business.

So, why trust your automotive SEO to just anyone? Car dealerships must survive and prosper in one of the world’s most competitive industries. When a potential buyer searches online for a new or used vehicle, your dealership’s listing must appear high in the search results on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If not, web traffic to your site, lead generation and sales are going to suffer.

Worst of all, prospective buyers will be visiting your competitor’s online or mobile dealership for pertinent information and pricing.

Link building is an important part of any SEO strategy. But, before you start requesting links, there are several aspects to consider. Reciprocal links between two sites have very little value and high-quality links can be time consuming to acquire. Plus with Google’s recent algorithm updates, purchasing links has become extremely risky and can incur heavy penalties. That’s why we rely on proprietary link-building strategies to put your dealership “in play” for the most competitive keyword phrases, such as car dealerships Atlanta.

At Car Dealer SEM, we understand the importance of a solid ROI when you target free listings using organic search. Call us toll-free or use this website’s Contact Us form for a prompt response to your questions.