Dealership Social Media

Get Found with SEO

Do you know how to integrate dealership social media into your Internet marketing mix? Social media is not only the hottest “Buzz” online but has quickly become a legitimate tool to brand a company’s name, image, product or service. However, to protect your marketing spend, it is imperative to understand how social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ really work .

In order to engage online audiences, your dealership’s social media marketing has to inform, educate, share and entertain. Nothing is worse than being a bore.

Open interaction between existing clients and potential customers has always been a major part of lead generation for automotive dealers. Today, social communities are effective online focus groups where it is very important for contributors to feel their comments are being valued. This represent a significant shift in how online buyers find, read and share information about a dealership’s inventory.

This is not the place to indiscriminately post advertisements or promote sales. But, it is a great place to brand new products, ideas and opportunities.

Social media sites provide a dynamic public relations platform with multiple resources for building stronger ties to your customer base. The key is to be interesting, informative, creative and open to the community’s feedback. At Car Dealers SEM, our experienced staff can analyze your marketing strategy and help you determine the best approach. Call us toll-free or use our convenient contact form for a prompt response.